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5 Out Of 5 Stars
Could not be happier! We love our new water dispenser it is AWESOME. The water gets very very cold.
- ReggieRoo. San Francisco.

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Water Cooler Dispensers offers a full line of affordable, commercial-grade bottleless and water coolers to match any home or office needs.


What Is Your Return Policy?

We will accept returns that are made within 14 days from the arrival date for the water coolers. If a return is requested and there are no issues or problems with the water cooler other than the purchaser has changed his/her mind for any reason, than the purchaser is responsible for paying the return shipping costs as well as a 20% restocking fee. If a water cooler is damaged in any way in shipping, we will support getting the unit repaired or replaced immediately. Please read our full policy here. For questions or to initiate a return, please contact