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Love it! We received this product very quickly after ordering it online. We installed it within a few days.
- Rikki&Rikki. Boston, MA.

Stop Renting.

Start Saving.

Water Cooler Dispensers offers a full line of affordable, commercial-grade bottleless and water coolers to match any home or office needs.


Why Bottle-Less Water Coolers?

There are many reasons for choosing a bottleless water system:
  • It allows you to "go green." Bottled water production consumes about 17 million barrels of oil, and puts over 60 billion plastic bottles in our landfills every year.
  • You can save money. On average, cost reductions over bottled water can be more than 50%. Replacing the filter annually costs about $30, less than the cost of a tank of gas.
  • Basically hassle-free. Depending on frequency of water usage, bottled water needs replacing every 4 to 6 weeks. Plus, moving and lifting large water jugs is bothersome and can result in injuries.
  • Easy to install. Bottleless water systems are easy to install, generally requiring only a plastic pipe bisecting the water faucet.
  • Healthier choice. The water is purified in a closed system and held in a stainless steel basin. There's no risk of leaching from a plastic bottle or contamination from airborne pathogens.
  • Save space. No more bulky bottles means additional space for other home or office needs.
In summation, the water cooler dispenser offers constantly available, high quality drinking water; and today's coolers afford attractive options for home or office while being less costly and more environmentally friendly.