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5 Out Of 5 Stars
Very nice and sleek design with functionality. We had had a bottled water dispenser, but removed it.
- R. Jones. Miami Beach, FL.

Stop Renting.

Start Saving.

Water Cooler Dispensers offers a full line of affordable, commercial-grade bottleless and water coolers to match any home or office needs.


Why A Home Bottleless Water Cooler?

Some of the top reasons for having a home bottleless water cooler with a purification system are:
  • Overall healthier and safer than bottled or municipal tap water.
  • We generally avoid drinking water from the faucet, but there's a good chance we'll drink it if it's in a purified cooler. (That means a better chance of staying properly hydrated, and could mean one less trip to the fridge for that unhealthy sweetened drink.)
  • It's safer and less cumbersome than using the big jugs of water.
  • You're being a better steward of the environment when you use bottleless purified water. (Instilling a "go green" mentality in your household can have a tremendous pay-forward effect on future generations.)
  • Less costly than a traditional water cooler system.
  • Less time running the faucet to get the desired water temperature reduces the monthly municipal water bill.
    • Units with a hot water dispenser give you the option of having that hot drink immediately.
  • Easily refill your personal bottle or container before going to work or school, or before running errands
  • With today's styles and sizes, can easily integrate the unit with your home decor.