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Water is super hot and super cold! I am so happy with this water cooler. It's head-and-shoulders above any other in-home model.
- Baxter100. Cincinnati, OH.

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The Many Benefits of Drinking Water

As crucial as water is to our good health, it frequently takes a back seat to more expensive soft drinks, specialty coffees/teas, and other so-called energy boosting drinks. And the sad fact about this general trend is that these pricier drinks can have a detrimental effect on our health, especially when you consider the diuretic nature of caffeine and the risks inherent to consuming too much sugar (like diabetes).

So while good old H2O may be less glamorous than today's specialty drinks, its benefits are indisputable:
  • Overall body maintenance (survival)
  • Digestion
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Chemical reactions (every chemical reaction occurring in the body is facilitated by water)
  • Lubricate joints
  • Flush out waste and toxins
  • Lubricate the eyes
  • Body growth
Drinking water may also have the following positive effects:
  • Weight loss
  • Improved productivity (the brain is composed mainly of water, and proper hydration can improve focus and concentration)
  • Better exercise
  • Less likely to get sick (can improve immune system)
  • Healthier skin (helps to replenish and moisturize skin tissue)
  • Helps avoid constipation
  • Less cramps and sprains
  • Natural remedy for headache (dehydration is one of the common causes of headache)
  • Reduced risk of certain types of cancer
  • Better mood
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