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Water Cooler Dispensers offers a full line of affordable, commercial-grade bottleless and water coolers to match any home or office needs.


Good Health Comes from Exercise, Diet, and Hydration

Staying hydrated alone is not enough to achieve and maintain good health. It's an important first step, but couch potatoes everywhere need to understand that working that remote control while drinking a sufficient amount of water daily and while consuming unhealthy levels of high-caloric snacks is not exactly the mantra for achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Most of us already know the components of good health. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, we need to have a balanced and nutritious diet to go along with an adequate intake of water and frequent exercise. This "trifecta" of essential ingredients to a healthy lifestyle--water, diet, and exercise--are, sadly enough, missing in the lives of many in society today.

The 40 or so quarts of water in your body sounds like a lot. But even a small loss of water can have serious consequences, including a laboratory-proven measurable decrease in physical performance. If your water loss amounts to somewhere between 5 and 6%, you will experience definite symptoms of dehydration and weakness. You may feel slightly dizzy, you may have a headache, and you may even find it difficult to express yourself in words. If you lost 15-20% of your body's water, it becomes serious enough to be considered life-threatening.

Using the we're-like-cars metaphor, water is your body's principal coolant. Without adequate water, you will overheat simply because the human body cannot handle a temperature approaching the 107 to 108 degree range. Fortunately, your sweat mechanism and your skin are designed to help maintain and regulate body temperature with great precision.

Water is your body's lubricant for every pump, valve, and filter.

It is essential for virtually every biological, chemical, and mechanical process that takes place in every part of every human body.

Water is needed to carry away waste products If allowed to accumulate, these wastes can become harmful. Every joint in your body also requires water as a lubricant so motions will be smooth and painless. In addition, the function of the lungs is not just to collect and process air, but also to heat and humidify it. The digestive system uses several gallons of water daily to process food.

Additionally, and most importantly, your brain could not perform the chemical reactions required to run the body without adequate hydration.