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Could not be happier! We love our new water dispenser it is AWESOME. The water gets very very cold.
- ReggieRoo. San Francisco.

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Water Cooler Dispensers offers a full line of affordable, commercial-grade bottleless and water coolers to match any home or office needs.

About Water Cooler Dispensers

Water Cooler Dispensers focuses on offering the highest quality commercial-grade water coolers at competitive prices. Since the company was founded in 2004, we have always strived to be environmentally conscious and help promote healthy living through clean, filtered water solutions provided to you with exceptional customer service.

Water Coolers Made To The Highest Manufacturing Standards

We only offer water systems that have been manufactured in South Korea, which is a world leader in home appliance manufacturing and produce to the highest, most complex standards. (Unfortunately, there are no American-made water coolers, or we would offer those as well). Most water coolers offered online are made in China, Mexico or Malaysia where the quality standards are very low, and the parts used to construct the cooler is sub-par. These coolers typically have a variety of issues, including off-taste to water, inability to cool or heat water quickly, they are noisy, energy inefficient and typically do not have leak guards or back-up float systems. The largest issue with Chinese made water coolers is that they are not produced to be Commercial Grade Water Coolers, a true Commercial Grade water cooler is made to be used in large water companies rental fleets, and are constructed to take heavy use and last on average 10–12 years in the field or longer. All the water coolers we offer on Pure Filtration are Commercial Grade

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Why Choose Water Cooler Dispensers?

Energy Efficiency That’s Good For The Environment

All of the 5-gallon and bottless water coolers we offer come with:
• Energy Star® rating for exceptional energy efficiency
• LG high-efficiency compressors with the lowest cycle rates available to ensure a long lifespan

Child Safety Features & Leak Guard Systems For Peace Of Mind

All of our units come with hot tank on/off switches, patented child safety handles and leak guards keeps bottles from spilling water on floor.

Easy To Use, Clean & Maintain

In addition to giving you access to affordable replacement filters, each unit comes with:
• Push-style faucets that offer comfort and ease
• Removable, dishwasher-safe drip trays
• Built-in handles on back for easy tote and carry
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Clover D1-K

Clover D1-K
The Clover D1K Hot / Cold Bottleless Counter Top Water Cooler is a complete water station solution with filter; install hardware and water line included. No additional parts are needed to perform a basic install in a home or office.
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Pentek GS-10RO Inline Filter

Clover S54 Filter Cartridge

Clover S54 Filter Cartridge and Filter Head

Clover Replacement Filter Cartridge 2-Pack (Everpure S54)